Petition to Save Titans

As Gold Coast Titans supporters and members, we wish to publicly state our positions before any decision is made on the club’s future by the NRL.

We support the continuation of the Gold Coast Titans brand, including the colours that represent our region and the region in which our games are played.

The notion of a failed Sydney club to be taking over a Queensland based club is alarming and ridiculous, especially when there are only three in the state when NSW has ten.

We have put our heart and soul into the Gold Coast Titans over the last ten years, we love the club and we believe it has a big future on the Gold Coast. We want this crisis to be the final turning point to bring the club back the people and to find our ideal ownership partners. Owners who truly ‘get it’.

But if the NRL approves a takeover by the North Sydney Bears we feel that we can no longer continue to support the club as we used to. (Supporters can make their own specific comments below as to the extent that their support will change.)

A takeover would mean a change of mascot, change of colours, change of venue and yet another identity thrust upon supporters, which has a history of nearly 100 years without a Premiership (The Bears having only won two and the last being 1922.)

Given the behaviour of the North Sydney Bears over the years who have constantly been sniping the Titans and even the Storm to attempt to re-enter the NRL at any cost, we don’t believe their actions are in the best interests of the Gold Coast, Rugby League or expanding the game.

The North Sydney Bears have been able to run riot in the media, a media which has morphed into something approximating an arena of gossip magazines and clickbait, and they have done so with little scrutiny to who is funding their bid, does it have Norths Leagues funding? (They even backed out of their Central Coast Bears bid years ago), their track record of their involvement with the failed Northern Eagles joint venture and allowing them to circulate research claiming that they have “500,000 supporters in Queensland.”

But it is now time to tell our side of the story, the story of actual Rugby League fans on the Gold Coast and SEQLD, so everyone can make an informed decision about the future of the club.

Enough is enough and here Gold Coast Titans take a stand.

We won’t take this without a fight!

Please sign this petition to show the NRL how the supporters of the Titans truly feel and what serious ramifications lay ahead if they make such a tragic and ill-advised decision.

(Gold Coast Titans Members are encouraged to include their Membership Number)

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