2024 NRL Discussion Thread

How time flies, will return to the Goldie for 2 weeks on Friday ... first time home since October 2019 and my son's 18th (surprise! he doesn't know I'm coming).

You are going to get hit with a joyous reverse culture shock!

I'll be back for ten days over Chrissie. Wife's first visit since Christmas 2019. I said she HAD to go!

Big day for your son!
Reverse culture shock all right … had to transfer to Jetstar in Sydney and went back 30 years in time.
Reverse culture shock all right … had to transfer to Jetstar in Sydney and went back 30 years in time.

Oh boy... That's gotta hurt. Just the idea of changing in SYD or MEL is unpleasant. You see yourself get into Aussie airspace on the map and get excited. And then you have to go below QLD. Not many flights to choose from HK these days. Qantas offer no directs to Brissie and Cathay is every two days. My flights home for Christmas were eye watering. But you are home now.

I got lots of checked luggage so look forward to bring lots of Rugby League gear and books back.
I have to say that the build up to the Vegas event had been fascinating. I've equally been enjoying Day 1 of the Vegas Nines which includes clubs from the USA and Canada. There is also a USA v Canada Test being played. Also Womens nines. This is a side event and not at the main stadium of course.

There was also a refereeing seminar with 43 people in attendance doing Level 1.
Yes I have sort of mixed feelings ... I was fine until I listened to ye olde tool Buzztard completely miss the whole point of how to introduce anything to a culturally sensitive audience. All the good work can be undone by such antiquated antics. I got bombarded from half a dozen countries last night complaining about him.
I'm just watching that and he made some really out of touch statements going on about rugby league being the better game against nfl.

We wouldn't get far with that attitude.

Someone made a good comment about MBL coming to Australia and our love of cricket. Although they didn't have a follow through.

We just need to focus on realistic goals. That's why I'm interested in the in the 9s and Test. And the refereeing and networking.

The shorter field width will be interesting. Hopefully doesn't mean dull games.

I hope we can let Rugby League speak for itself.
Dolphins v Knights coming up. I've been really impressed with the Dolphins and how they toughed out their first season with bugger all help from the NRL. And now we are beginning to see some young players come through.
Just caught this thread. I thought Vegas was great and it has inspired myself and some others to look into going over next year. The whole spectacle looked like a lot of fun and to top it all off it's Vegas baby.
I enjoyed it and love to see some tangible flow on to the domestic comp in the USA. They are really getting their shit together.

Unfortunately, the timing means I just can't imagine attending. But it just seemed like a huge Rugby League family reunion over there. Next year will be bigger.

On the NRL, impressed with the Dolphins. Enjoying Bostock and Fuller and Plath.

Souths wow, rock bottom. Heaps us Titans.
So happy to see South's lose tonight. We cop it in the media for our lack of success BUT we are not a "powerhouse" club like them. For that roster to be last is astounding, they like to say we have player egos in our club, we have nothing on them, especially now with Des in charge.
They are a classic example of the phrase " A champion team will always beat a team of champions".
They are a classic example of the phrase " A champion team will always beat a team of champions".
They are owned by billionaires and a Hollywood star. Not really salt of the Earth anymore. Although I am a member of the Rusty fan club.
Bennett, Bunnies agree terms on $3m deal as Magic Round meeting looms

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have reportedly got their man after agreeing a three-year deal to bring Wayne Bennett back to Redfern.

The Sydney Morning Herald first reported the news, with Bennett’s contract worth $3 million.

Although Bennett has not officially signed on, the report claims Rabbitohs powerbrokers will meet with the 74-year-old during Magic Round to seal the deal.

Bennett will return to the club in 2025, four years after he first left to take up the role as the Dolphins’ inaugural head coach.

The deal reportedly includes performance bonuses aligned with South Sydney’s results on the field.

However, Souths officials are reluctant to celebrate Bennett’s homecoming given his history of 11th hour changes of mind, most notably when he left the Roosters hanging to switch to the Dragons in 2008.

Bennett is reportedly also keen on the Eels head coaching role if it becomes available, but Parramatta have so far backed Brad Arthur to turn things around amid an injury crisis.

Souths CEO Blake Solly led the negotiations and was one of several South Sydney officials to meet with Bennett earlier this week.

Souths’ part owner Russell Crowe was not at the meeting, but has in talks with Bennett throughout the courting process.

Souths currently sit in last place on the NRL ladder two weeks after sacking former coach Jason Demetriou, who worked with Bennett as an assistant during his previous three-year tenure with the club from 2019 to 2021.

Bennett took Souths to two preliminary finals and a Grand Final, which Souths lost to the Panthers in his last game in charge at the club.

The Rabbitohs are expected to formally announce the deal after their meeting with Bennett during Magic Round.
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