2024 Paris Olympics

So summer holidays are mid July here and the Olympics is just a week or so later. I'm planning to run a massive school activity and team up with the PE department. Just got to think of some ideas. Got to be English language / PE activities. It's a good chance to talk about the world and countries. As well as sportsmanship and that type of thing we hope to encourage.
Ah damn it no baseball. I guess that’ll come back for LA. Disappointed. That’s about the only other sport I follow except F1.
Four athletes took home gold medals for skateboarding in Tokyo: Australia’s Keegan Palmer (men’s park), Japan’s Yuto Horigome (men’s street), Japan’s Sakura Yosozumi (women’s park) and Japan’s Momiji Nishiya (women’s street).
Wow. That really was an effort from Japan. Skateboarding is back too. So we should have a dig at that.
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