Latest Signatures
639 szymon s. 12312312 3123123123
638 Noel B. 4221 Gold Coast NRL member since 1988
637 Ian K. Hong Kong
636 Mic N. 4133
635 Dean E. 4350 Support!
634 Alex T. 4034 A titan since 07 and always will be!
633 Jonno M. 2606 Have been a Titans supporter since 2007 and have always loved our colours! Don't think I could support any other team
632 bart s. 4352 toowoomba
631 Adam F. 4226
630 Bonita T. 2480
629 Jack D. 4211 Changing the Titans to the Bears is going to do more harm than good. There are only very few fans that are keen on the idea, but there are even more that aren't. If they change it to the Bears, it will destroy rugby league on the Gold Coast. We all know that the Bears just want to move it back down to a North Sydney eventually anyway..
628 Thore T.
627 Robbie M. 4210
626 Jaydn B. 4211
625 Vicky L. 4131 I would never support another nrl team again
624 Alex M. 4214 I think it is a ridiculous idea for a Sydney club to take over a Queensland club. It wouldn't be fair if the Sydney bears buy the titans they shouldn't be able to be called the bears because of the Feta club called Burleigh bears. The titans weren't able to be called the Gold Coast dolphins because of the Redcliffe dolphins so why should the bears be able to be called the same name
623 Judy E. 4213 We have been Titan's supporters since Day 1. If any other club is allowed to take us over that would be it for me. NO BEARS
622 Paul M. 2485 Dont you dare make me a Bronco's fan NRL....because as sickening as that would make me i would rather do that than support a "gold coast/north sydney bears" team!
621 Emily M. 4210 Titans thru&thru
620 Ainslee R.
619 Hazel D. 4211
618 Zane B. 4218 Up the tits
617 Nathan S. 4218
616 Shane R. 4285 Titans need to stay a Gold Coast based team and I would not support them any more if the Bears took over
615 Mike S. 4213
614 Leo M. 4213
613 Josh V. 4213 I'm a Titans support from the begining of the team, I will not be if they are taken over by the Sydney Bears. I'll be gone!! Member Number 1366.
612 Dave M. 4213 Titans to stay Gold Coast
611 Gina H. 4215 We want Titans to stay
610 Rob B. 5095
609 Karen C. 4213 The Gold Coast need a team to be proud of
608 Luke D. 4220
607 Daniel S. 4680 33 years old been involved with RL since I was born, A Titans hopeless through and through and I will turn my back to the game if Titans are sold off to the Bears they should've bought Newcastle and stay the hell on their side of the border
606 Ed F. Titans Member since 2014. The Titans are the brand that must survice in order to develop rugby league on the Coast.
605 Dane M. 4225 The bears on the Gold Coast will be the death of the club and a decision that will never recover from
604 Frank M. 4221 Look what they did to Seagulls. Sold the best field in country football
603 John M. 4125 Its quite simple really Titans is the brand name for the Gold Coast Football team. The Bears is the brand name for a failed Sydney franchise that could not run a chook raffle. If they want to takeover a club it has to be one of the Sydney clubs. We will not support a Bear takeover
602 Liam T. 4122
601 Alex W.
600 Luke S. 4802 I will stop supporting Rugby League if another Gold Coast Team
599 C C. 4209
598 Kevin C. 4214 Titans member 2017
597 shane r. 4019 I will not support a take over of the Titans by the North Sydney Bears. The Titans must survive
596 Andrew M. 4213
595 barry m. 4226 If the Titans turn into the Bears i'm out
594 Jake C. 4209 UP THE TITANS
593 Andrew M. 4109
592 Tina M. 4213 Titans is a Gold Coast team!! Don't take that from us. Other teams have struggled too and we are only 10 years young! Give us a break and time!
591 Matt C. 4217
590 Dean S. 4214 Don't do it,the next generation kids love the titans brand, there will be a massive following in 10 years when the kids grow up